Buying Property in Constantia

There is an alternative way for buying property in Constantia. Below are just some of the risks that buyers face and how the expert services of a buyers agent can help you overcome them.

Not conducting a thorough initial search process?

With so many advertising options to sift through when you are buying property in Constantia, it is nigh on impossible to cover every base properly.

There are thousands of internet pages, numerous printed media sources and as we all know – the very best properties never reach the stage where they are advertised.

You can only be aware of all the property buying options in Constantia by contacting all of the selling agents in Constantia as well seeking out the private sellers and developers.

With SAHomeBuyers, buying property in Constantia, means leaving no stone unturned as we explore all options as to what properties are available and suitable.

A lack of legal support

South Africa has long had a skewed property buying process.

  • This first time there is a noticeable lack of legal support is when formulating the offer to purchase agreement. The norm for this is completion of it with the selling agent. It is a pre printed agreement that is used for buying property in all other areas as well as buying property in Constantia. As such it has standard clauses that have been included to ensure the sellers interests are covered. You as the buyer will need to understand these clauses, their impact and what rights you give up in agreeing to them. In addition there may be some aspects of you buying property in Constantia that need ‘suspensive clauses’ inserted. A suspensive clause could be called a deal breaker. As an example you may specify a structural survey as a suspensive clause. If the survey is not satisfactory then you need not proceed with buying the property in Constantia and are released from yhour obligations. In the biggest purchase you are likely to make you really should have have legal counsel advising you.
  • If an offer to purchase is agreed by the seller (please note there is no cooling off period for the buyer), the next shock to many buyers will be the lack of independent legal counsel. When buying property in Constantia you will have the privilege of paying for an attorney, but not of having them represent your interests. They work for the buyer. With SAHomeBuyers you can be assured that our property expert is there to guide you through the offer to purchase and subsequent purchasing process. Of course, our retained attorney will also provide legal counsel for the offer to purchase and perform a check on the title deed as part of our suggested suspensive conditions.

The Price

Just how does a buyer work out a suitable price to offer when buying property in Constantia? In most cases, as non property experts, it involves a bit of a ‘thumb suck’.

In a lot of cases, and quite unbelievably, the buyer will ask the selling estate agent for their advice. The very party who is paid to obtain the best price for the seller.

Of course it is understandable why this is the case.  Who else can the buyer turn to? This is why over 60% of property transactions in the USA involve a buyers agent. SAHomeBuyers as your buyers agent is able to:

  • Access historical industry selling prices in that particular area
  • Will have in-depth knowledge of key factors such as time on market, eagerness to sell, bond registered etc
  • Will be able to use their experience of rebuild costs and plot prices
  • The area’s marketability and saleability
  • Help remove the emotion from the negotiations
  • Utilise their skills and knowledge in negotiating on behalf of you the buyer.

No one likes to pay too much and of course many of us like a bargain. For many clients buying a property in Constantia SAHomeBuyers have saved them hundreds of thousands (in some cases millions) of rands.

Buying Property in Constantia – buy with confidence with SAHomeBuyers

Give SAHomeBuyers a call today and experience a new way of buying property in Constantia. Our Constantia property consultant can be contacted here by email or phoned on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.