Constantia Property Service

Resolute and unashamedly biased in looking after your interests as a property buyer. Our Constantia Property Service differs greatly to that offered by an Estate Agent whose focus is on selling property.

Introducing our Constantia Property Service

  • Your Constantia Property Service begins with a series of consultations, meetings and perhaps information trips, as we get to understand exactly what you require in terms of area, amenities, property and budget.
  • Once we are clear on your requirements your Constantia Property Service moves on to searching for specific properties. Our promise to you is that we will leave no stone unturned as we access the entire market place, both estate agency and private listings, to find properties that match your needs.
  • As you would expect from a discerning Constantia Property Search, we accompany you on all viewings. Our advice and opinions are not skewed by the fact we are retained to sell a property so you can expect an unbiased opinion that covers both the good and bad.
  • An integral part of our Constantia Property Service is the completion of any offer to purchase contract. This part of our service is beneficial in two ways:
    1. Offer Price – Equipped with local knowledge, industry tools and historical data, our property consultants are all experienced negotiators helping to secure you the property you desire at the best possible price.
    2. Terms and Conditions – Please remember the offer to purchase is the legally binding agreement which forms the basis on which the sale proceeds. Further it has in most cases a sold as seen clause negating many of your rights and no cooling off period. It is therefore essential that the offer to purchase agreement contains any required suspensive conditions and all content is clearly understood by you the buyer. A suspensive condition is something that must be met for the sale to proceed, as an example a satisfactory structural survey. If it is not in the agreement – it is not in the house sale process, and if it is then vice versa. It is imperative to have expert and legal input, Our Constantia property service provides you with both.
  • Legal Transfer and moving in – We continue to assist you throughout the transfer and moving in process. Always available, our Constantia property service means no question is too small and no request is to much hassle.

Get in touch with us to make use of our Constantia Property Service today

For you free and no obligation consultation, contact Marco Garuti, our local Constantia property buyers consultant and discover what a difference using a property buyers consultant can mean for you. Email us here or phone + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.