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Purchasing any property in Constantia is, of course, a huge emotional and monetary choice, one you do not want to get wrong. As an international buyer, the process for buying a property in Constantia is that much more complex. You may also not be familiar with the South African regulations and buying process.  In short the opportunity for errors is multiplied.

How SAHomeBuyers assists the international buyer of property in Constantia?

International buyers of property in Constantia have very different requirements to those of a local property buyer. Issues such as unfamiliarity, timing and distance are just some of the small challenges faced. The bigger risks and challenges lie in the differences in the house buying process and the lack of independent expert help to guide and assist.
Our tailored service is a tried and tested process to assist the international buyer of property in Constantia:

We are not an estate agent that sells property – SAHomeBuyers are registered estate agents with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. This provides you with that same degree of consumer protection and industry standing. This is where any similarity ends between our service and that of a selling estate agent. We do not sell or stock properties, nor work for any seller of property. As you will see from this website we offer no property in Constantia for sale.

We access the whole market – As an independent buyers consultant we access the whole market for our clients. By this we mean those properties that are for sale with estate agents, private sellers and developers. We are able to do this as we have no allegiance to any one other than the buyer. We therefore can make a promise to you of leaving no stone unturned as we seek out Constantia properties that meet your requirements.

We get to understand your requirements – We have never been misled into believing that someone specifies 3 bedrooms when they actually need 4, or that a sea view is the same as a mountain view. We realise that amenities are important and its the small details that count. Budgets are there for us to beat not exceed and information is the most important commodity we can share with our clients. We only search for a property in Constantia that matches your needs and we do this by thoroughly understanding your needs and contributing with expert knowledge that allows you to make informed and confident decisions.

Proper legal expertise – We are not attorneys and do not claim to be. Even though we are better equipped to assist the buyer of property in Constantia due to our focussed expertise, . We however would never suggest someone purchase a property in Constantia without proper legal guidance. To clarify proper, we mean a qualified attorney. In an environment of pre printed offer to purchase agreements, that have no cooling off periods and clauses that waive many rights of the buyer (sold as seen!)  it is essential that the offer to purchase is checked and the title deeds scrutinised by the buyers own independent legal attorney. Currently the system calls for only one attorney – paid for by the buyer but sadly working for the seller.

Paying the right price – Our area property consultant is an expert in property in Constantia. This expertise gives them specific area and property knowledge. In addition they have a number of industry tools that provides selling prices, registered bonds and rebuilding costs. They are experienced in property price negotiations and remove the emotion of the buyer themselves being at the front end of price discussions. All this means that in nearly all cases we have saved our buyers of property in Constantia  substantial sums of money.

Other important assistance – We realise international buyers may also require assistance with a number of other areas. Our in-house experts can assist with:

  • Permits and visas – both long and short stay
  • Financial Matters such as
  • Transferring money and exchange control regulations
  • The various insurances including house and medical
  • Private banking
  • International tax advice
  • Company set up (for those wishing to commence business in South Africa)

Buying a house abroad is so much more than a simple selection process. SAHomeBuyers gives you all the required facts to make informed decisions about any purchase of property in Constantia as  well as a more discerning service that focuses purely on the buyer.

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To view property in Constantia  and learn more of our specialist service for international buyers  contact Marco Garuti our Constantia buyers consultant and see what a difference a professional buyers consultant can make to your next property purchase.
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